the company

theselfhunters was established in 2015 due to a need for holistic self-improving tools. They have identified a growing demand for life solutions ranging personal and professional backgrounds and their restless personalities have forced them to develop this innovative and effective service.

Selfhunting is a methodology created for the achievement of goals that unites coaching tools and structure with mentoring and consulting elements.

The founders of theselfhunters are life coaches, world travelers and hands-down, some of the happiest people in the world. Together they are self-hunters with exceptional expertise in the field and most importantly, the influencers that will help you excel in all aspects of your life and push you to finding your best self.

a empresa
theselfhunters surgiu em 2015 em meio a busca de ferramentas holisticas para desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional. As selfhunters identificaram uma demanda crescente por soluções nos âmbitos profissional e pessoal. Com foco no objetivo elas desenvolveram um produto inovador e de alto impacto.

Luiza e Suzana são coaches, viajantes e sem dúvida alguma duas das pessoas mais realizadas do mundo. Juntas reúnem um expertise excepcional e conectam-se as influenciadoras certas para te ajudarem nesta jornada cheia de desafios e descobertas.


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